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God Loves a Good Hero 3 is an all-new collection from VeggieTales and the fanmade sequel to the 1st and 2nd God Loves a Good Hero. It features three stories about heroes: modern day, or from the Bible.


Like the first two God Loves a Good Hero compilations, LarryBoy is just video chatting Alfred from the Larry Cave via QWERTY. He asks Alfred what it takes to be a good hero, besides having some cool gear. Alfred says that he knows of a few stories that'll show how you can truly be that hero. He shows the first story: Toy Story.

LarryBoy thought that was an amazing story, and he didn't really get what was so heroic about it. Alfred said he would get it eventually. Bob finally comes out and wonders what LarryBoy and Alfred are doing. Alfred tells Bob he's showing LarryBoy some stories about what it takes to be a true hero. Bob thinks that's great, and he knows a story about a hero who switched lives with someone. It was called "Princess and the Popstar."

Alfred asks if LarryBoy is starting to understand this better. LarryBoy still doesn't quite get it. Bob thinks one more story ought to do the trick - The Ballad of Little Joe.

LarryBoy finally gets it. He says that in "Toy Story", Buzz and Woody had to show faith to a ruthless killer, even if they knew it could get them in trouble, even in the early nineteen-hundreds. In "Princess and the Popstar", God loves us so much he has a plan for us and he made each one of us unique. In "The Ballad of Little Joe", Little Joe learned that he put all the good stuff and the bad stuff, and put it all together to make something great. Alfred encourages the kids to go do something heroic, even if they're forced to wear spandex. Bob concludes with God made you special, and he loves you very much.



  • VeggieTales Theme Song
  • Better Than Friends
  • Strange Things are Coming My Way
  • How it Used to Be
  • Woody's Song
  • I Couldn't Sail No Longer
  • The Battle is Not Ours
  • Luck Shack
  • That's Not Everything
  • Right Where I Belong
  • Radio Sweetheart
  • Alone
  • MNSDBFFL (My New Sharply Dressed Best Friend for Life)
  • Radio Sweetheart Reprise
  • That's Not Everything Reprise
  • Alone Reprise
  • Right Where I Belong Reprise
  • Happy Ki-Yi Birthday
  • Dream of a Dozen Cactus
  • Oh Little Joe Part 1
  • I'm Blue
  • The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps
  • Oh Little Joe Part 2
  • The Mayor's Dream
  • Oh Little Joe Part 3



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