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(August 12, 2019)

Gideon is a character in The Fearless Five Adventures. He is one of Persephone's classmates.

Appearance Edit

Gideon is a ghost-figure with light lavender skin, misty tips on his head and bottom that fades to purple, and borealis purple eyes. He wears a blue sweater tied around his waist.

Personality Edit

Gideon is flamboyant and easygoing. His optimistic and positive personality makes an impact on those around him. He tends to talk a bit faster than most students, mainly when he gets excited. He is very loyal to his BFF, Calliope, due to her being more introverted than him. His genuine love for her is beyond his own. Gideon has a big heart and many want to hang out with him.

Trivia Edit

  • Gideon is styled in an Eric Goldberg style, plus he his based off the Genie.

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