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(August 13, 2019)

Geo is a character in The Fearless Five Adventures. He is a lifeguard at Westerville Beachside along Brody.

Appearance Edit

Geo is a muscular built fish humanoid with orange skin, side swept brown hair, and magenta eyes. His outfit varies from his life guard outfit; a white T shirt with a red cross on his right side, red shorts with white outlining and cross on his left side, and red sandals; to his regular outfit; an ocean blue hooded vest with dark grey hood over a white long sleeve, jeans, and black converse.

Personality Edit

Geo, unlike the other guys, is a generally nice guy. He is the definition of a perfect guy: he has good looks, a friendly personality, and a talented nature. Not only does he play football, he also enjoys music. He is oblivious to Bash's jealousy and is very friendly to everyone, including the girls that like him. He works hard, but not to impress girls, but to please the Almighty above.

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