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Four Kinds of Features is a compilation with Double Features, Triple Features, Quadruple Features, and Quintuple Features.

Double Features Edit

  1. Easter Day Double Feature
  2. Friendship Fun Double Feature
  3. Growing Kids Double Feature
  4. Helpful People Rule! Double Feature
  5. Helping Hand Double Feature
  6. Invasion Double Feature
  7. Israelite Double Feature
  8. Kingdom Double Feature
  9. Lessons in Dealing with Bullies and Sharing
  10. Lessons in Forgiveness & Getting Along with Others
  11. Lessons in Handling Hurt & Sharing
  12. Lessons in Obedience and Selfishness
  13. Lessons in Trusting God & Second Chances
  14. Lessons in Using Our Gifts & Peer Pressure
  15. Minnesota Cuke Double Feature
  16. More Good Friends! Double Feature
  17. Mueller and a Good Egg
  18. Operation Sing Along Double Feature
  19. Positively Prince! Double Feature
  20. Prodigal Son Double Feature
  21. Royal Kingdom Double Feature
  22. Silly Songs from the Future!
  23. Sing Along Double Feature
  24. Snoodle Double Feature
  25. Space Double Feature
  26. The Best of Archibald Double Feature
  27. The Best of Bob Double Feature
  28. The Best of Junior Double Feature
  29. The Best of Larry Double Feature
  30. The Best of LarryBoy Double Feature
  31. The Best of Laura Double Feature
  32. The Best of Mr. Lunt Double Feature
  33. The Best of Pa Grape Double Feature
  34. The Best of Petunia Double Feature
  35. The Bob and Junior Double Feature
  36. The Heart of Friends and Family Double Feature
  37. Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Double Feature
  38. Undersea Fun Double Feature
  39. Veggie Classic Double Feature
  40. Viking Legends! Double Feature
  41. Western Round Up Double Feature
  42. Winners Double Feature

Triple Features Edit

  1. 1900s People Rule! Triple Feature
  2. A Cowboy and Spaceman, A Princess, and A Jealous Blue Berry
  3. A Disco Beat to Accept a Trip to the Future of a Samurai Princess
  4. A Flobbit Who Inherits a Magical Bean, A Thankful Asparagus, and The Right to Accept Forgiveness (Oh My!)
  5. A Rootin' Tootin' Adventure, An Unexpected Twist, and an Inspicable Zucchini (Oh My!)
  6. A Selfish Princess, A Thankful Asparagus, and A Good Egg
  7. A Tuba Warrior, Three Chipmunks, & A Little House!
  8. A Whale of a Buzz-Saw Princess!
  9. Adventures of the Good Friends!
  10. Asparagus of La Mancha & Other Stories
  11. Babies Rule! Triple Feature
  12. Babysitter in DeNile & Other Stories
  13. Badagascar 3-Movie DVD Collection
  14. Barber-Barians, Groovy Brothers, and An Unexpected Twist (Oh My!)
  15. Blast From the Past!
  16. Boys Rule! Triple Feature
  17. Brave Triple Feature
  18. Caring People Rule! Triple Feature
  19. Chipmunks, Sumo Wrestlers, and Easter (Oh My!)
  20. Christmas Origins Triple Feature
  21. Classic Bible Stories! Triple Feature
  22. Classic Triple Feature
  23. Classics from the Book of Heroism!
  24. Compassionate People Rule! Triple Feature
  25. Courageous People Rule! Triple Feature
  26. Encouraging People Rule! Triple Feature
  27. Even More Superheroes Rule! Triple Feature
  28. Facing Hardships! Triple Feature
  29. Factory Triple Feature
  30. George Mueller and Other Stories
  31. God Loves a Good Hero Triple Feature
  32. Going Up & Other Stories
  33. Grandparents Rule! Triple Feature
  34. Happiness Goes to Infinity and Beyond! Triple Feature
  35. Heroes of the Book of Lessons: Englishmen, Sumo Wrestlers, and Stars of Christmas, Oh My!
  36. Heroes of the Book of Lessons: Some Angry Grapes, an Unexpected Twist, and the Wild, Wild East!
  37. Heroes of the Book of Lessons: Stand Up with Omelets, Veggie Warriors, and Norm's Notes
  38. Heroes of the Book of Life! Gangsters, Onions and Princesses (Oh My!)
  39. Heroes of the Book of Life! Stand Up, Stand Tall, Stand Strong!
  40. Heroes of the Book of Life! Too Much Work to Take Care of, A Quest, and the Wild, Wild West!
  41. Heroes of the Imperium!
  42. Heroic Legends! Triple Feature
  43. Historic Stories About History People!
  44. Israelite Triple Feature
  45. Japanese Fables
  46. Joyful People Rule! Triple Feature
  47. Kingdom Triple Feature
  48. Larry Boy Triple Feature
  49. Legends from the Crisper!
  50. Lenny and the Lost Birthday and Other Stories
  51. Lessons from the Christmas Life
  52. Lessons from the Crisper
  53. London England Triple Feature
  54. MacLarry Triple Feature
  55. Merry Larry Triple Feature
  56. Middle Years!
  57. Middle-Aged Adults Rule! Triple Feature
  58. More Lessons for a Lifetime! Triple Feature
  59. More Space Epics! Triple Feature
  60. More Superheroes Rule! Triple Feature
  61. Omelet & Other Stories
  62. Parents Rule! Triple Feature
  63. Precious Prince Pack Triple Feature
  64. Present Years!
  65. Pricesses Triple Feature
  66. Reach for the Sky: A Collection of Great Stories
  67. Rely on God Triple Feature
  68. Remembrance and Handling Hurt: Triple Feature
  69. Royal Kingdom Triple Feature
  70. Royalty Collection: A Princess, A Pie, and a Jealous Blueberry
  71. Royalty Collection: A Sweet Potato with a Beautiful Heart, Three Boys, and a Princess/Popstar!
  72. Silly Little Thing Called Triple Feature
  73. Snoodlerella & Other Stories
  74. Some Angry Grapes, A Disco Beat, and An Undersea Adventure to Accept Forgiveness!
  75. Space Epics! Triple Feature
  76. Stories from the Crisper
  77. Superheroes Rule! Triple Feature
  78. Superstars Rule! Triple Feature
  79. Tales from the Crisper & Other Stories
  80. Teenagers Rule! Triple Feature
  81. The Ancient Umbrellas and the Rumor Weeds of the Pirates
  82. The Complete Heroes of the Bible DVD Collection!
  83. The Good Egg of Gooseville and Other Stories
  84. The Gourds Must Be Crazy & Other Stories
  85. The Grapes of Wrath & Other Stories
  86. The Incredible Veggie Mix of Classic Stories
  87. The Kid Crayon Caper & Other Stories
  88. The Story of a Sad Elf and a Selfish Princess
  89. The Toy That Saved Christmas & Other Stories
  90. The Trouble in the Wild West Meets Royalty in Space
  91. The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's & Other Stories
  92. To Eat, or Not to Eat: A Collection of Great Literature
  93. Toy Story & Other Stories
  94. Toy Story 3-Movie DVD Collection
  95. Veggie Classic Triple Feature
  96. Very Veggie Classics Triple Feature
  97. Viking Fables
  98. Wise People Rule! Triple Feature

Quadruple FeaturesEdit

  1. A Very Blue Berry, A Selfish King, A Wonderful Wizard and a Big River
  2. Movie Time! Quadruple Feature
  3. Musicals! Quadruple Feature
  4. Numero Uno Quadruple Features
  5. Shrek 4-Movie DVD Collection
  6. Time for the Holidays Quadruple Feature

Quintuple FeaturesEdit

  1. A Very Veggie Voyage
  2. Ambitious Five
  3. Ambitious Surprises are Really Helpful!
  4. More Ambitious Surprises are Really Helpful!
  5. Turn-up the Beat with Brave Lessons!
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