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(August 13, 2019)

Felipé Gutierrez is a character in the The Fearless Five Adventures. He is part of the 3-syllables art and drama club. He first appears in the episode, "Art and Drama"

Appearance Edit

Felipé is a slender humanoid with orange skin, slicked up, side swept hair, firey orange eyes, and a bit of stubble. He wears a white T shirt with the middle resembling the Mexican flag, khakis, and red sandals.

Personality Edit

Due to being Italian-Hispanic, Felipé is very vivacious and smooth talking. He partakes in Tango dancing and drama like Bernadette. He is very friendly and charismatic, charming everyone with his confidence. He is mainly romantic to Bernadette, his crush, but can be like this to others, even though it's not so much. He prefers having people around him, suggesting he is extroverted.

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