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Eye of the Bear is a sing-along DVD that follows both Good Morning, Mr. Mayor and I Couldn't Sail No Longer. It is released the same time as Keep Holding On to Your Grips.
Minnesota cuke


  1. Eye of the Bear from Veggie Warriors: Defenders of the Crisper Dynasty
  2. 5 Servings of You from Beauty and the Beet
  3. Cowboy Life from The Ballad of Benjamin
  4. Sneeze if You Need to from Abe and the Amazing Promise
  5. We've Got Some News from Where's God When I'm S-Scared?
  6. Cheers for Stewart from It's a Meaningful Life
  7. The League of Incredible Vegetables from The League of Incredible Vegetables
  8. I Won't Go to Beans from The Great Escape!
  9. Woody's Song from Toy Story
  10. A Little Bit of This from A Chipmunk Christmas
  11. Bellybutton from The Ballad of Little Joe

Chapter SelectionEdit

  • Scenes 1-4 is an instrumental of Cowboy Life
  • Scenes 5-8 is an instrumental of Cheers for Stewart
  • Scenes 9-11 is an instrumental of Bellybutton

Song PreviewEdit

The transition that appears when the song title is introduced is a bit from Second Chances

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