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(August 8, 2019)

Edwin Collins is a supporting character in The Fearless Five series. He is Persephone, Danny, and Manny's father and Melody's husband.

Bio Edit

He first appears in Fearless, watching a seven-year-old Persephone perform in the Christmas Play. Soon after, he runs to her side when she clutches her chest in pain. He soon discovers that she has a bad heart, and anxiety attacks cause it to become worse. He, along with Melody, reassure her that this will blow over when she gets older. Ten years later, he wishes her luck at her college visit.

Later on, Edwin surprises Persephone with an opportunity to record a song of her very own. Persephone is hesitant, but Edwin encourages her to. Persephone then agrees.

He is seen then trying to convince her daughter to stay when she's about to leave because she believes her parents were lying to her. His efforts were fruitless, and he and Melody grieve.

However, he soon gets to see his daughter again when she returns home, and cries tears of joy to see his child home again. Soon after, he supports her courage to sing onstage and proud to see her cured and moving into a new home, told that she is not moving out of their lives.

Appearance Edit

Edwin is a slender humanoid-like being with a tall head, cyan skin, brown hair a goatee and blue eyes. He usually wears a slate collared zip-up over a white T-shirt, jeans, dark blue sneakers and glasses.

Personality Edit

Edwin is very light-hearted and humorous. He tries his best to be the cool dad, though sometimes his efforts frustrate Melody. Nevertheless, he is always loved by his family, and he loves them right back. He is selfless in his actions, and sacrifices his time for his family.

He is also an inventor and is dilligent in what he does. He spends most of his time trying to figure out a cure for cancer.

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