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(August 10, 2019)

Donny Shwartz is a supporting character in The Fearless Five Adventures. He is a friend of Bash and Persephone's and Seleste's crush.

Appearance Edit

Donny is a slender lizard with neon green skin, coffee brown hair, and slate eyes. He wears a white long sleeve with orche orange sleeves that have a white stripe on each, a teal scarf, an orange flannel tied around his waist, dark jeans with a hole in his left knee, and black converse boots. He also sports a blue-grey beanie.

Personality Edit

Donny is a goody-two shoes. He is incapable to hurt anyone in anyway and doesn't get angry easily. That is an advantage when making friends.

However, he seems very bashful and coy, usually blushing at a compliment or a flirt. He tends to be like this around girls, especially Seleste. He is also very tongue-tied when someone shows interest in him. Due to his weakness in assertiveness, he is the submissive one in the situation.

He has a shy crush on Seleste, who greatly returns his feelings with awkwardness, though he is too timid to admit them.

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