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Did You Shush Me a Pickle? 2.0: A Story of Fighting Temptations is a story-song compilation show. This release serves as a sequel to Did You Shush Me a Pickle? A Story of Honesty, and features two stories about fighting temptations: "LarryBoy and the Bad Apple" and "Badagascar: Escape 2 Africa".


When the man who dropped his money for candy is tricked by a bunch of schoolyard bullies into a cavern full of fine clothes, fancy houses and jewelry, the people in Pups and Ponies Paradise take a few measures. Kids will learn, right along, that we can't fight temptation without the help of God and our friends.


  • VeggieTales Theme Song
  • Once Upon A Time In Africa
  • The Traveling Song
  • Party! Party! Party!
  • Volcano!
  • Dance Like Crazy
  • Did You Shush Me a Pickle? 2.0
  • Temptation Song

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What We Have Learned songEdit


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