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(August 6, 2019)

Dean Mertollini is a supporting character in The Fearless Five series. He is the youngest out of the brothers and the strongest voice out of the Mertollini Brothers.

Bio Edit

Dean first appears in Fearless giving a tour to the Fearless Five about the campus. He becomes easily enamored by Persephone's cuteness and tells her she can ask him anything anytime. He becomes even more smitten when he hears her sing, unlike Phillip's jealousy and Craig's indifference.

When the theater caught on fire, and Bash was stuck inside, he and Craig ran in to rescue him, successfully escaping with him.

He was the only one out of the Mertollini Brothers that cared about Persephone's feelings as he selflessly offered her his umbrella when she sat out in the rain, thinking about the mistakes she'd made. He listened to Persephone and was able to offer a solution that God is allowing these things to happen because He wanted her to conquer her anxiety.

During the live concert, while Persephone was having a little panic moment, he was out there singing with Craig and Phillip, and, afterwards, stalling the crowd.

During the ending scene of the film, Dean is shown to be the happiest for Persephone when she conquered her anxiety. Persephone thanks him for helping and supporting her, but once Dean leaned in to kiss her, she awkwardly blocks him. The two agreed to just be friends, though Dean is still romantically interested in her.

Appearance Edit

Dean is slightly plump with cyan skin, sky blue hair, matching nose, and brown eyes. He wears a white T shirt with emerald green sleeves and neck outlining, denim overalls, and brown dressy shoes. He also wears a salesmens' cap which his hair comes out of.

Personality Edit

Dean is the nicest out of the Mertollini brothers. He hardly ever gets jealous and gladly accepts the Fearless Five, especially Persephone. He is also very affectionate, and likes hugs by the dozen. His goofy side prevents him from being too serious and sometimes friendly teases his brothers. He is also selfless and wouldn't do anything to hurt anyone.

He has a crush on Persephone and is openly romantic to her, oblivious to her awkwardness. He cares about her the most, and is willing to do anything to make her happy.

He plays the guitar in the band.

Trivia Edit

  • Dean is based off of Scallion 3 from VeggieTales.
  • He was named after Dan Dean from the band Phillips, Craig, and Dean.
  • Dean's first appearance is in the upcoming short film "Music in Me" (Dean and the Music Machine in certain countries)

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