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(February 22, 2019)

Dave and the Giant Pickle 1996 prototype VHS cover

The VHS Cover

A worktape of Dave and the Giant Pickle was given to some people on March 5, 1996. This version of the episode has minor differences from the final print, such as the credits. The final print of the episode would be released a month later in April 1996 by Word Entertainment and Everland Entertainment on VHS.


  • The original title is "Dave Vs. The Giant Pickle"
  • The front cover has a few differences:
    • Some characters are rendered at a different session
    • The peas' hoods have different colors
    • Jimmy and Jerry Gourd's hoods are missing
    • The pink oval on the bottom is identical to the one from the final cover of the previous episode
  • The back cover has a different version of "Special Bonus Feature: Silly Songs with Larry" listed at the bottom, treated similarly to the one from the 1995/1996 special edition reprint VHS of Where's God When I'm Scared?
  • The counter leader reads "Big Idea, Word Entertainment: Dave Vs The Giant Pickle"
  • Clips from Are You My Neighbor? added to theme song
  • Bob and Junior's voices were pitched differently in this— Bob's voice sounds lower than usual, and Junior sounded slightly higher.
  • LoveMyLipsAltTitleCard

    Alternate title card for Love My Lips

    An alternate Silly Song title card for Love My Lips is used, just like with Dance of the Cucumber.
  • Some sound effects during Big Things Too aren't present
  • The scene where Junior falls off his sheep after defeating Goliath was not yet animated
  • The What Have We Learned song begins right after Larry finishes saying "And now it's time to talk about what we learned today."
  • Some short gaps of silence between dialogue have been shortened
  • After LarryBoy's plunger sticks to camera, the screen fades to black, and the credits playing about a black screen is missing the following lists:
    • Animation Director
    • Chris Olsen in the Animation section
    • Audio and Video Editing
    • Content Consultant
    • Song Produced (in the Love my lips section)
  • Mike Nawrocki was misspelled as Mike Nawroki in the Voice list of the credits.
  • The credits label the copyright date as 1995, but the episode wasn't completed until March 1996. Though this is likely when it entered production on November 12, 1995.
  • Like with the original 1995 VHS of Rack, Shack and Benny, there's a variant of the Big Idea logo (hence the 1995 copyright date) where Larry-Boy says offscreen "Bob? Could you uh... could... could you give me a hand?".


Dave Vs

Dave Vs. The Giant Pickle (RARE 1996 worktape)

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