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Da Bears' Den is a fanmade episode based off First Baptist church of Downey.

Plot Edit

Bob, Larry, and Junior are hosting on the countertop. Junior got a letter from Raymond from Lansing, Michigan. The letter said, "Dear Bob, Larry, and Junior, I love to make good choices, but I tried to. What should I do? Your friend, Raymond." Bob said " Get ready for a lovable asparagus and a friendly zucchini!"

Roman (Junior Asparagus) went to church of Downey. He has church friends named, Mary Emma (Petunia Rhubarb), Alec Olive (Larry the Cucumber), Eli (Percy Pea), and Austin (Lil Pea). Tim Sanchez (Mr. Nezzer) took Roman to Room 214. Roman saw Camielle (Laura) and Riley (Sara Crewe). Danny (Bob the Tomato) and Linda (Madame Blueberry) Posada arrived to see Roman. Frankie (Scallion #1) bought Matthew Brady (Mr. Lunt).

After the silly song, Tim and Roman and his church friends went to Church Songs Extravaganza. After all the Church Songs, Jimmy and Jerry arrive at a church finale.

Bob said, "So, Raymond, did you make good choices?" Junior's Church friends arrive at the countertop. After "the What We Have Learned Song", the verse said, "We promised to make good choices, and we're proud of you. Romans 12:14" Bob and Larry are doing the next show called, "The Adventures of the Peach"!

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