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(August 6, 2019)

Craig Mertollini is an anti-hero of The Fearless Five series. He is the middle child of the brothers and one of the backup voices for The Mertollini Brothers.

Bio Edit

Craig is first seen in Fearless when he is giving a tour to the Fearless Five along with Phillip and Craig. However, unlike Phillip, he seemed very impressed by Persephone's singing voice.

Craig was the one that had accidentally caused the theater to burn down, but he and Dean were able to save Bash in time.

He helped Phillip put together a live concert for them and the Fearless Five, and tried to stall the crowd with T-shirt cannons when Persephone had second thoughts. Near the end, when the Mertollini brothers were leaving them with their new house, he just gave Persephone a nonchalant "See ya".

Appearance Edit

Craig is slender with lime green skin with matching flipped forward hair and yellow eyes. He wears a red hoodie, jeans, and red sneakers.

Personality Edit

Unlike Phillip, Craig is more friendly and laid-back than his older brother. He can not be easily bothered or annoyed and likes to go with the flow. He can be slightly dim-witted, but still able to tell apart certain things. He usually has any type of soft drink in his hands.

Trivia Edit

  • He is based off of Scallion 2 from VeggieTales.
  • He was named after Shawn Craig from the band Phillips, Craig, and Dean.

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