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Can't Smile Without Ewe is a sing-along DVD, and an addition to the VeggieTales Sing-Alongs DVD collection, following America Rules! and Temptation Song. It was released the same time as This is Rather Eerie.
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  1. "Can't Smile Without Ewe" from "The Little Drummer Boy"
  2. "I'm So Blue" from "Madame Blueberry"
  3. "Life in New Jersey" from "The Big Beanstalk"
  4. "Scarves" from "Coast to Coast: The Story of the Cucumber of Florida"
  5. "I Need Your Help" from "Noah and the Big Rain"
  6. "Clowning Around" from "That's What Friends Do"
  7. "No Matter How Old" from "The Cucumber King"
  8. "With Your Sheep, Your Sheep, Your Sheep!" from "Taran, The Amiable Viking"
  9. "The Potato Song" from "The Ballad of Benjamin"
  10. "I'm Boo" from "Merry Larry and the Unexpected Twist of the Spring Valley Mall!"

Chapter SelectionEdit

  • Chapters 1-4 is an instrumental of I'm So Blue
  • Chapters 5-8 is an instrumental of I Need Your Help
  • Chapters 9-10 is an instrumental of I'm Boo

Song PreviewEdit

The transition that plays in between songs is a bit from How it Used to Be

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