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Stuck in The Hole
Busy, Busy is a sing-along DVD, and an addition to the Sing-Alongs DVD collection, following I'm Boo and When I Think of Easter. It was released the same time as Ballad of the Pie War.


  1. "Busy, Busy" from "Are You My Neighbor?"
  2. "The Battle is Not Ours" from "Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen"
  3. "I Tried to Be Patient" from "Rack, Shack, and Benny"
  4. "Happy River" from "Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue"
  5. "Fulfilling Hopes and Dreams" from "The Great Escape!"
  6. "Hope's Song" from "An Easter Carol"
  7. "Right Where I Belong" from "Princess and the Popstar"
  8. "BFF (Best Friends Forever)" from "The Penniless Princess"
  9. "This is Rather Eerie" from "A Chipmunk Christmas"
  10. "How to Draw The" from "VeggieTales VeggieTown Values on the Job:VeggieLand Fun"

Chapter SelectionsEdit

  • The instrumental for Chapters 1-4 is Busy, Busy
  • The instrumental for Chapters 5-8 is Fulfilling Hopes and Dreams
  • The instrumental for Chapters 9-10 is How to Draw The

Song PreviewEdit

The song preview that plays in between songs is a bit from Do the Moo Shoo.

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