In VeggieTales Kids, the musical instrument that Bob the Tomato plays is the bassoon. Bob the Tomato's bassoon is red with a crook used to blow into the instrument, which makes a very deep sound. Bob's bassoon, (unlike others) has the ability to play 3 extra notes down, with a low G natural being the lowest note on his bassoon, instead of the usual Bb (B flat) note.

Episodes with Bob the Tomato's bassoon Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • The Case of the Missing Donut (seen, but not played)
  • Mean Mr. Nezzer (seen, but not played)
  • Bob's Christmas Cards (seen, but not played)
  • Dognapper (seen, but not played)
  • No Easter Candy (seen, but not played)
  • Where Is The Bus (seen, and played for the very first time)

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

Season 4 Edit

  • Jason and Michelle's Visit (seen, and played)
  • Tomato V.S Cucumber (seen, and played)
  • Hooray For Bob (seen, and played)

Season 5 Edit

Season 6 Edit

Season 7 Edit

  • Bob's Black Eye (seen, and played)

Season 8 Edit

Season 9 Edit

  • The Return of Buzz Saw Louie (seen, and played)

Season 10 Edit

  • The Band Played On (seen, and played)
  • Bob's Thanksgiving (seen, but not played)

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike real life bassoons that have the lowest note being a B flat, Bob the Tomato's bassoon has a very special tendency to play notes that are even lower than that. A thing like this also happens most commonly in the CGI Jay Jay the Jet Plane episodes from 1998-2005, especially those from the Mary Kay Bergman Era, with one example being the episodes Jay Jay and the Stars At Night, where the bassoon (from the Edirol Hyper Canvas) does the exact same thing and plays even lower notes than that. Even though the sound from Bob the Tomato's bassoon doesn't sound exactly like the one from the Edirol Hyper Canvas, they both sound surprisingly similar to one another.
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