Bob and Larry's Veggie Classics 2.0 is a sequel to Bob and Larry's Veggie Classics, and a collection of classic VeggieTales stories chosen by Bob and Larry themselves! Includes 20 classic VeggieTales episodes.


  • MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle
  • Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen
  • Lord of the Beans
  • Celery Night Fever
  • King George and the Ducky
  • Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue
  • Dave and the Giant Pickle
  • Moe and the Big Exit
  • It's a Meaningful Life
  • The Little Drummer Boy
  • Sweetpea Beauty
  • The Good Egg of Gooseville
  • An Easter Carol
  • Duke and the Great Pie War
  • Princess and the Popstar
  • The Penniless Princess
  • Saint Nicholas
  • Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush
  • Noah's Ark
  • Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly

Silly SongsEdit

  • Kilts and Stilts
  • My Baby Elf
  • Perfect Puppy
  • Endangered Love
  • The Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo
  • Love My Lips
  • A Mess Down in Egypt
  • Goodnight Junior
  • The 8 Polish Foods of Christmas
  • Pants
  • Happy Tooth Day
  • Larry's Blues
  • Astonishing Wigs
  • Best Friends Forever
  • Donuts for Benny
  • Pizza Angel
  • My Golden Egg
  • Sport Utility Vehicle
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