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Bob and Larry's Favorite Stories 1997 Word prototype cover

A triple-feature VeggieTales compilation video, Bob and Larry's Favorite Stories! was originally planned to be released by Word Entertainment and Everland Entertainment in 1997. However for reasons unknown, it was cancelled and pushed back to March 31st, 1998.


  • The cover art reuses the character images from the 1993 magazine.
  • The 1993 VeggieTales logo is used.
  • The opening to the VHS appears as follows:
  • All three of the episodes play out in similar style to Junior's Favorite Stories: no title cards placed before each video, and the theme song and credits remain intact with each video.
  • The original 1993 version of Where's God When I'm S-Scared? is oddly used.


  • In real life, the video was made by Lyrick Studios in 1998, and never had a 1997 Word/Everland print.
  • In real life, the original 1993 version of Where's God When I'm S-Scared? is lost and destroyed due to being overwritten with its current version in 1994 that was carried into further reprints.
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