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Bill Tracy is a great lesson in having respect.


The CountertopEdit

In an attempt to bring the highest level of class and sophistication to VeggieTales, Archibald Asparagus requests and receives permission to run the show. The countertop is then modified with a faux fireplace and wing chair (a la Masterpiece Theatre) and Archibald introduces the first segment.

The TempoEdit

Back on the CountertopEdit

Finally, Archibald presents the "long lost musical of Gilbert and Sullivan," provided by The French Peas, entitled Lyle the Kindly Viking. Unfortunately, Archibald found out that this is not a musical, so the peas picked out a detective story, that of Bill Tracy.

Bill TracyEdit

What We Have LearnedEdit

In the closing countertop sequence, Archibald discovers that his story was not written by Gilbert and Sullivan, but rather by "Cavis Appythart" and "Millward Phelps". Angry at being duped, Archibald chases the French Peas off and the scene falls into chaos.


  • VeggieTales Theme Song
  • Elves and Elephants (Silly Songs with Larry)
  • Shiny Sea
  • Less
  • You're in a Birdcage Now
  • Be a Good Character of Respect
  • What We Have Learned
  • Respect is an Example of Building Your Character (Music video, played by Nicole Nordeman during the credits)


  • This is based upon the 1990 film Dick Tracy.
  • "The Tempo" is a spoof on a play called "The Tempest".
  • This is the second episode where Nicole Nordeman wrote her second music video from VeggieTales. The first music video she wrote for VeggieTales was "Beautiful for Me" from Sweetpea Beauty.
  • Archibald and the French Peas took over the show, like in Lyle the Kindly Viking.
  • The scene where the characters are in a cage is from "Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah's Umbrella".


  • As the World Turns: Bill Tracy mentions "As the Celery Stalks"
  • Star Wars: In one scene, the Death Star appears.


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