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Big Hero 7 is a lesson in being independent. It is a spoof to Big Hero 6
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Plot Edit

Countertop Intro Edit

Big Hero 7 Edit

Silly Song Edit

Countertop Outro Edit

Songs Edit

  • VeggieTales Theme Song
  • We're Immortals
  • Independence to Go Around
  • The Song of the Racers
  • The Baymax Song
  • Independence is Really Helpful (to the tune of Thankfulness is Really Helpful, from Abeddy Asparagus)
  • What We Have Learned

Running Gags Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is based off the entire film, Big Hero 6.
  • "The Song of the Racers" sounds similar to "The Song of the Cebu". (Josh and the Big Wall)

Cast Edit

  • Larry the Cucumber (Liro Lamada)
  • Bob the Tomato (Baymax)
  • Junior Asparagus (Jadashi Lamada)
  • Miss Achmetha (Go Go Tomago)
  • Mr. Lunt (Wasabi)
  • Petunia (Pony Lemon)
  • Madame Blueberry (Mass Lamada)
  • Scallion 1 (Robert Callaghan)
  • Pa Grape (Alister Krei)
  • Scooter (Fred)
  • Dad Asparagus (Fred's Father)
  • George (Sergeant Gerson)
  • Jimmy Gourd (Mr. Yama)
  • Sara Crewe (Abigail Callaghan)
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