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(July 30, 2019)

Azul is a main character in the The Fearless Five series. He is the bass player for the titular band.

Bio Edit

Azul is first seen in Fearless as the laid-back, southern friend of Persephone, taking a tour around the campus with his friends. He states that he plays bass and that Persephone has a great singing voice, much to her embarrassment and self-consciousness. He is one of the four to be at the recording studio to record a song for them to put on CD.

Later on, he manages to escape the burning theater and visit Bash at the hospital, unknowing that Persephone had a falling out with her parents.

He is then seen toilet papering the Mertollini Brothers' house, first doing the house then doing the others, barely getting caught when Phillip almost caught them.

When he realizes that the Mertollini Brothers have set up a concert for his band, he agrees to do it, but gets hurt when Persephone refuses to. However, he forgives Persephone when she apologizes for her actions due to fear and anxiety.

He is the one to announce the Mertollini Brothers onstage when Persephone chickens out at the last minute, and looks for his friend. When Persephone conquers her anxiety and fear, he is glad for her and happily gets to move into their new home.

Appearance Edit

Azul is a 6"5 anthropomorphic dog with blue fur and an icy blue muzzle with a dark blue nose. He also has cobalt blue hair and ocean blue eyes. He wears a white T shirt with red outlining and a golden cross on it under a jade green hoodie with a darker hood, jeans, and orange sneakers. He also wears a purple beanie.

Personality Edit

Azul is laid-back, friendly, and calm. He usually tries to see the bright side of things, contrary to his adoptive brother, Reggie. He also has average intelligence, but his heart outweighs his brain. He is very supportive of his friends accomplishments, and is always there when they need a shoulder to cry on or encouragement. He can adjust to any type of crowd, showing he can befriend easily.

Trivia Edit

  • Azul's inspiration was based off of Goofy from Walt Disney animation studios.
  • He speaks in a southern accent.

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