3-2-1 Penguins! had a Finnish dub done in 2002 known as Avaruuspingviinit!. It was distributed on VHS by Sesam Video and was dubbed at Agapio Racing Team.

Translations and VoicesEdit

Episodes Edit

  • Odota vuoroasi (Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn)
  • Reilua peliä Bullamankasa (The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka)
  • Kiertävä valituksen tivoli (The Amazing Carnival of Complaining)

Fun FactsEdit


  • The radio singer in the theme song has good singing abilities, but the singers singing "Penguins!" sing the line off-key.
    • The breakneck speed that Agapio was forced to work at only made things worse, as Midgel and Fidgel tend to say their lines fast, and Kevin and Jason usually say their lines unenthusiastically.
  • Like with Vihannekset, the translation was done by a third party individual, and was very nonsensical.


  • After Mr. Conrad says "Hey hey hey, we're here!", his voice actor can be heard saying "Sanoinko sen oikein?" (Did I say that right?).
  • Laughter can somewhat be heard in the background when Uncle Blobb first appears. According to Uncle Blobb's voice actor, the laughter came from the Lizard King's voice actor (his character wasn't in the episode).
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