As Aventuras dos Pinguins (The Adventures of the Penguins) is a Brazilian television program which was a spin-off of 3-2-1 Penguins!. It premiered on Saturday September 17, 2005 to coincide with the success of Os Amigos Vegetais. Just like said program, it was created by Big Idea Brasil, Top Tape, and Universal Pictures for Rede Record, with Marlene Mattos directing and producing the show.


Each episode stars the penguins in the UFPS Rockhopper, discussing important things, singing songs, and even telling stories that provide lessons in things such as patience, doing good deeds, telling the truth, and more.


Fun FactsEdit


  • Despite this attracting a cult following, Os Amigos Vegetais was the most preferred program out of Big Idea Brasil's TV programming during the program's entire run.
  • Jason and Michelle only appear in these episodes below, although a song was written for them and sung in Os Trapaceiros de Bolozeiro and O Resgate de Funil Destinado!
    • Problemas na Planeta Espera-Sua-Vez
    • O Incrível Carnaval dos Reclamações
    • A Ameaça na Planeta das Mentiras!

Fast ForwardEdit

  • A similar concept from this program would later be seen in another Big Idea Brasil television program, Super-Larry e Amigos.
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