Are You My Partner? is a ShapeTales spoof episode of VeggieTales' Are You My Neighbor? The first segment is based on the Parable of the Good Samaritan (in the styles of both Dr. Suess and A.A Milne) while the second Segment is based off of Star Trek.



The Story of Fiddler-o-Loot

In the first story, Alvin the Cone lives in the city of Fiddler-o-Loot, where everybody wears boots on their heads. Charlie Cylinder lives in Jupiter-de-Lan where everyone wears pans on their heads. Fiddler-o-Loot and Jupiter-de-Lan fight by throwing pans and boots at each other. Living the city, Alvin is attacked by bandits who rob and leave him upside down in a hole. Both the mayor of Fiddler-o-Loot (Lumiere Smiley) and a Fiddlian doctor (Plumette Smiley) come upon Alvin, but claim, in song, to be too busy to help. Soon after, Charlie comes along and helps Alvin out of the hole, despite the differences of their people. After seeing the kind act of a supposed enemy, the mayor decides that Fiddler-o-Loot and Jupiter-de-Lan should no longer fight. Now, instead of fighting, the two cities throw flowers and candy to each other.

The Cylinders Must Be Crazy!

In the second story, Charlie tells Dad Smiley that he is not going to invite a new kid, Leonardo, to his birthday party because he thinks that this boy is weird. Jimmy and Alvin arrive in their small ship and take Charlie Cylinder to the Starship Geometry, having discovered the ship is in the path of a giant meteor. Upon arriving, they discover that the power to the ship is out. While the ship's engineer (Biker) frantically works to fix the ship's engines, Charlie suggests that two oddball crewmen (Bob and Melvin Cylinder) help save the ship when it is determined that the meteor is in fact a giant candy corn. Rocketed into space, the pair eat the meteor before it can collide with the ship. Charlie and the entire crew celebrate and then sing a song about the importance of friendship despite people's differences. Charlie, after being returned home by Jimmy and Alvin, tells his Dad that he has reconsidered and will invite Leonardo to his party despite how different he is.


  • ShapeTales Theme Song
  • Busy Busy
  • Love Your Partner
  • The Hairgel Song
  • Meet Me in St. Louis
  • I Can Be Your Best Friend
  • What Have We Learned


ShapeTales-Are You My Partner?

ShapeTales-Are You My Partner?

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