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(August 19, 2019)

Angel is a character in The Fearless Five Adventures. She is Pastor Dennis's daughter.

Appearance Edit

Angel is a slender, tall anthropomorphic lizard with turquoise skin, orange hair in a braid with center parted straight bangs, lime-pink eyes, and freckles.

She wears a seafoam green plaid shirt tied around her waist, pink skirt, and white cowgirl boots with magenta spots across the top.

Personality Edit

Angel is the definition of sweet and sassy. She loves to hang out with her friends and be goofy with them. She is a very independent woman who thinks she doesn't need a man. Her main interests are journalism, photography, and traveling the world. She is very fashionable due to her working at Sweet N' Sassy.

Trivia Edit Edit

  • Angel is based off StormieCreater's older sister.

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