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(August 14, 2019)

Anais is a character in The Fearless Five Adventures. She is a part of Bash's Little Scouts troop.

Appearance Edit

Anais is a small, slender humanoid with grey skin, long black hair, and hazel eyes. She wears a panda beanie, a white T shirt with dark grey sleeves, overall shorts, and dark grey boots. She also has a grey tail and freckles.

Personality Edit

Anais is grumpy and reserved. She doesn't show any type of emotion besides annoyance because of the second-hand embarrassment she has for her troop members. She is far mature for her age and intelligent like Talia. Though her grumpiness is her main trait, she is generally good-hearted and has a soft spot for pandas. She also is very introverted and prefers to hang around older people. The only person she can tolerate at her age is Roari, though the reason behind it is unknown.

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