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An Elf-Sized Adventure is a chapter book adaptation of "Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas". It is 96 pages long with 8 pages of full color pictures from the episode and is published by Scholastic.

Changes from the episodeEdit

  • All singing is changed to speaking.
  • The narration scenes weren't included.

Additions to the bookEdit

  • After saying "You are fired if you ever do this again.", Philip Fleagle remarks "Then you can just go back to your former business again." to Lawrence.
  • Merry Larry buys a Golden Echo harmonica, that looks suspiciously similar to Alvin's old harmonica, while he's out searching for Christina.
  • Philip Fleagle recognizes Alister Cashberger as an uptight British songwriter.
  • Lawrence crashes into a cart full of souvenirs, which causes the person that owns the cart lose his job.
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