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Alvin and the VeggieMunks
The Chipmunks in Dave's Car
A chapter book that is 108 pages long with 8 pages of color inserts from the video. It was published by Scholastic. The book adapts "A Chipmunk Christmas".

Changes from the episodeEdit

  • Merry Larry has a longer apology to Philip Fleagle.
  • Lawrence uses a telescope instead of coin-operated binoculars.
  • The mall shoppers and carolers singing is left out.
  • Alvin doesn't sing "This is Rather Eerie". Instead, he explains why he wants to become a Christmas elf.
  • Instead of the dinner party fiasco, Alvin makes his elegant speech about how he started the group.
  • The beginning portion where the Chipmunks started is removed.
  • The countertop scenes, along with the silly song My Teenage Elf aren't included, creating a plothole of how a guitarist named Dennis got freaked out by his nightmare.
  • Instead of the recreation center the Chipmunks visited, the Chipmunks spoke at a retirement home.
  • The genetic elf analyzer shoots a laser at Lawrence, instead of an installed light bulb.
  • The transformation of Alvin becoming Lawrence wasn't included.
  • Alvin met an orchestra player after his speech instead of Christina.

Additions to the bookEdit

  • There is an additional maid at Trevor's house.
  • As Alvin came home from the mall, people called Alvin names, like "jerk", "fool" and "dirtbag", despite Alvin stating that he hates being called worse names, and that he isn't any of those things.
  • Before Lawrence distracts the two people speaking in a different language, Theodore asks Merry Larry why the two people are speaking in a different language.
  • Alvin makes out a full conversation with Philip Fleagle when he sees him.
  • Alvin mentions some previous bands: the Groovy Brothers, the B.I.T.S. (Boyz In The Sink), Shux, the VeggieTones, the G.I.T.S. (Girlz In The Sink), and the Wiggly Turtle Toobies.
  • Because Alvin brought along an electric guitar to the town meeting attenders at some point, it may be possible he ran down to a music store on the way up.
  • Ian Hawke becomes close to working for Dave Seville.
  • The book begins with the Chipmunks singing their debut song.
  • A mall shopper calls Alvin "MacLarry Norrius".
  • Near the middle of the meeting on a bandstand, Merry Larry told Simon and Theodore that he was the best harmonica soloist in the music business.
  • A mall shopper showed Alvin a pointless music video - a parody of the music video for the song "Unwritten".
  • David Seville goes to a meeting while Alvin spends a few hours at the Spring Valley Mall.
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