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All the Veggie Songs of the Bible is a CD that features songs from The Ultimate Bible Collection.


  1. Open Up the Bible
  2. The B-I-B-L-E
  3. Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho
  4. Zacchaeus
  5. Who Built the Ark
  6. Jacob's Ladder
  7. Father Abraham
  8. This Is My Commandment
  9. Fishers of Men / Peter, Jame & John In a Sailboat
  10. This Is the Day
  11. Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
  12. Just a Closer Walk With Thee
  13. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  14. Standin' In the Need of Prayer
  15. Jesus Loves the Little Children
  16. King Jesus Is All
  17. Jesus Loves Me
  18. Good Shepherd (Psalm 23)
  19. Sneeze If You Need To
  20. Happy Ki-Yi Birthday
  21. Dream of a Dozen Cactus
  22. Oh Little Joe I
  23. I'm Blue
  24. Oh Little Joe II
  25. Mayor's Dream
  26. Belly Button
  27. Oh Lone Stranger
  28. The Boy that We Call Moe
  29. Birds and the Bees
  30. God Did
  31. He Wouldn't Listen
  32. Oh Lone Stranger (Reprise)
  33. A Mess Down in Egypt
  34. Promised Land
  35. The Lord Has Given
  36. Keep Walking
  37. The Song of the Cebu
  38. His Eye on the Sparrow
  39. The Great I Am
  40. Attack of the Midianites (score)
  41. Lance the Turtle
  42. Big Things, Too!
  43. Love My Lips
  44. I Love My Duck
  45. I Must Have It
  46. There Once Was a Man
  47. The Selfishness Song
  48. Endangered Love
  49. The Battle Prelude
  50. Haman's Song
  51. The Battle is Not Ours
  52. Lost Puppies
  53. Good Morning George
  54. Think of Me
  55. The Bunny Song
  56. Stand Up!
  57. Dance of the Cucumber
  58. King Darius Suite
  59. Oh No! What We Gonna Do?
  60. We've Got Some News
  61. Fear Not, Daniel
  62. The Water Buffalo Song
  63. Message from the Lord
  64. It Cannot Be
  65. Second Chances
  66. Jonah was a Prophet
  67. Belly of the Whale (Newsboys)
  68. Busy, Busy
  69. Love Your Neighbor
  70. The Hairbrush Song
  71. A Treasure to Behold
  72. Can't Smile Without Ewe
  73. The Little Drummer Boy
  74. The 8 Polish Foods of Christmas
  75. Solid Stuff
  76. Happy Tooth Day
  77. Lend a Little Hand
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