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(November 12, 2015)


A Very Veggie Thanksgiving is a VeggieTales album centered on Thanksgiving, giving thanks, and being thankful. It is technically the sequel to "A Very Veggie Christmas" and "A Very Veggie Easter." This will be the first original album to incorporate the new character voices in some of the songs.


  1. The Thankfulness Song Medley (from Madame Blueberry)
  2. Give Thanks and Praises (originally performed by Bob Marley)
  3. Worthy is the Lamb
  4. Made Me Glad
  5. Gratitude (originally performed by Earth, Wind, and Fire)
  6. Give Thanks to the Lord
  7. The Dinnertime Song (from Bob and Larry's Toddler Songs)
  8. For These Reasons
  9. Because Of Your Love
  10. My Favorite Things (originally from The Sound of Music)
  11. God's Way (from Bob and Larry's Sunday Morning Songs)
  12. Trust Song (from Noah's Ark)
  13. You Are Good
  14. Thank You Lord
  15. Thanksgiving Prayer (originally performed by Johnny Cash)
  16. Love Is The Song (from Beauty and the Beet)
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