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(September 29, 2018)


A Very Veggie Holiday is the twelfth VeggieTales chapter book. It is published by Scholastic. It features 96 pages with black and white images throughout the book. It is based off of "The Toy That Saved Christmas."

Book Description

Have you ever heard of a town that didn't get Christmas? The tiny town of Dinkletown is unaware of the true meaning of Christmas, so it's up to one brave toy and his faithful friends to spread the good word of the season before Mr. Nezzer washes their minds with toy propaganda. And how many penguins does it take to deliver a toy?

Changes from the episode

  • There seems to be no sign of George's narration or Annie at all
  • All singing is changed to dialogue

Additions to the book

  • The question on the book description is asked within the story
  • Mr. Nezzer fires some penguins for messing up on the assembly line
  • George's story of Jesus goes deeper
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