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A Very Veggie Devotion to Your Talents (Vol. 1) is a compilation of stories related to devoting your talents. It includes a music video performance by Aaron Carter, singing his song "Leave it Up to Me ".

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Silly Songs Included Edit

  • Endangered Love
  • Kilts and Stilts
  • Larry's High Silk Hat
  • Astonishing Wigs


  • VeggieTales Theme Song
  • I Love My Duck
  • I Must Have It
  • Endangered Love
  • There Once Was a Man
  • The Selfishness Song
  • Kilts and Stilts
  • I Love Being a Superhero!
  • Larry's High Silk Hat
  • We're Vikings
  • With Your Sheep, Your Sheep, Your Sheep!
  • My Life as A Viking
  • Patience Awaits You
  • Better Than Fighting
  • With Our Sheep, Our Sheep, Our Sheep! (reprise)
  • Closing Medley
  • Astonishing Wigs
  • Leave it Up to Me


  • Larry (King George, Woody, Taran)
  • Bob (Louis, Buzz Lightyear, Benson)
  • Archibald (Slinky Dog, Laurence)
  • Junior (Thomas, Lyle)
  • Laura (Sam)
  • Scooter (Booster)
  • Petunia (Eliwony)
  • Khalil (XR)
  • Percy Pea (Agent Z)
  • Scallion #1 (Cedric, Commander Nebula)
  • Ventrilomatic (Alpha-One)
  • The Fib from Outer Space (Emperor Zurg)
  • Mr. Nezzer (Warp Darkmatter, Olaf)
  • Mr. Lunt (Bjorn, Mr. Gourd Head)
  • Miss Achmetha (Princess Mira)
  • Various peas, carrots, gourds, and scallions (Villagers)
  • Baby Moses (green)
  • The French Peas (Peasants and Vikings, Little Green Men)
  • Jerry Gourd (Erik, Rex)
  • Jimmy Gourd (Harald, Hamm)
  • Pa Grape (Melvin, Lead Monk, Sarge)
  • Po Ta To (Wheezy)
  • Pea kids (Monks)

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