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A Sweet Potato with a Beautiful Heart, Three Boys, and a Princess/Popstar is a CD that serves as a sequel to "VeggieTunes 3: A Queen, A King, and A Very Blue Berry" and "A Princess, A Pie, and a Jealous Blue Berry". It includes songs from Beauty and the Beet, The Great Escape!, and Princes and the Popstar.


  1. VeggieTales Theme Song
  2. Show You Love
  3. The Person God Wants Me To Be
  4. Now That Your Gone
  5. If This Were My Home
  6. Mac And Cheese
  7. La La La La
  8. 5 Servings of You
  9. Love is The Song
  10. Love is The Song Finale
  11. Deck the Halls
  12. I Won't Go to Beans
  13. Those Marigold Dunces are Up to No Good!
  14. Fulfilling Hopes and Dreams (The Journey to a New World)
  15. What is Up with My Girlfriend?
  16. A Thousand Years
  17. That's Not Everything
  18. Right Where I Belong
  19. Radio Sweetheart
  20. Alone
  21. Astonishing Wigs
  22. Radio Sweetheart Reprises
  23. That's Not Everything Reprises
  24. Alone Reprise
  25. Right Where I Belong Reprise
  26. You Never Are
  27. What We Have Learned
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