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A Chipmunk Christmas: The Video Game is an adventure game developed by THQ and Traveller's Tales for both Sega Genesis and Super NES. The gameplay features similar elements to Toy Story: The Video Game; but the elements and graphics are more enhanced, and Alvin can move faster than Sheriff Woody can.
A Chipmunk Christmas (Super NES)
A Chipmunk Christmas (Sega Genesis)


  1. An Urgent Story in the Works!
  2. The Chipmunk Backstory
  3. Snake Capade
  4. Years Later...
  5. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Musical Benefit
  6. The Recreation Center
  7. Early Life
  8. The Spring Valley Mall
  9. Joking Around
  10. An Elf Initation?!
  11. I'm tired of clowning around!
  12. Trevor's House
  13. Merry Larry's Reveal
  14. Elf Preparing
  15. The Spirit of Christmas
  16. Coin-Op Moment
  17. Back to the Mall
  18. The Chipmunk Musical Benefit
  19. A Discouraged Dave
  20. Oh, What a Day!
  21. Being a Sheriff Makes me Wanna Groove!
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