3-2-1 Penguins! had two Brazilian dubs in the Portuguese language titled 3-2-1 Pinguins!

The series was dubbed during 2005 in Rio de Janeiro at Audio News. A new dub was produced in the same city at the studio Herbert Richers from 2007-2008.

While the VHS/DVD dub covered only the direct-to-video episodes, the TV dub covered the entire series.

Translations and VoicesEdit

English Name Portuguese Name Portuguese Voice Actor
Zidgel Zidgel Marcelo Garcia (VHS/DVD dub)
Paulo Vignolo (TV dub)
Midgel Midgel Mauro Ramos (VHS/DVD dub)
Bruno Miguel (TV dub)
Fidgel Fidgel Guilherme Briggs (both dubs)
Kevin Kevin Marco Ribeiro (VHS/DVD dub)
Oberdan Júnior (TV dub)
Jason Conrad Jason Conrad Alexandre Moreno (VHS/DVD dub)
Luciano Monteiro (TV dub)
Michelle Conrad Michelle Conrad Iara Riça (VHS/DVD dub)
Fernanda Crispim (TV dub)
Grandmum Vovó Sylvia Salustti (VHS/DVD dub)
Mabel Cezar (TV dub)
Ventril-O-Matic Ventríl-O-Mático Guilherme Briggs (both dubs)
Rusty Oxidado Clécio Souto (VHS/DVD dub)
Ettore Zuim (TV dub)
Baron von Cavitus/Bert Barão von Cavitus/Breno Hércules Franco (Baron von Cavitus)
Ettore Zuim (Bert)
Admiral Strap Almirante Cinta Jorge Vasconcellos
Sol Sal Anderson Coutinho

Additional voices (VHS/DVD dub): Guilherme Briggs (screaming from President No-I'm-The-President), Alexandre Moreno, Márcio Simões, Tadeu Santiago (radio singer)

Additional voices (TV dub): Marcus Jardym (radio singer), Miriam Ficher, José Santana

Other CharactersEdit

English Name Portuguese Name Portuguese Voice Actor
Mr. Conrad Sr. Conrad Márcio Simões (VHS/DVD dub)
Mauro Ramos (TV dub)
Mrs. Conrad Sra. Conrad Márcia Morelli (VHS/DVD dub)
Élida L'Astorina (TV dub)
Larry the Vacuum Alien Larry o Alienígena Vácuo Marco Ribeiro (VHS/DVD dub)
Sérgio Stern (TV dub)
President After-You Presidente Depois-de-Você Clécio Souto (VHS/DVD dub)
Isaac Schneider (TV dub)
The Bandicoot King O Rei Bandicoot Isaac Bardavid (VHS/DVD dub)
Marco Ribeiro (TV dub)
The Lizard King O Rei Lagarto Isaac Schneider (VHS/DVD dub)
Márcio Simões (TV dub)
Uncle Blobb Tio Lama Guilherme Briggs (both dubs)
Trevor Tomás Gustavo Pereira (VHS/DVD dub)
Jéssica Vieira (TV dub)
Professor Wordsworth Professor Sabezinho Jomeri Pozzoli (VHS/DVD dub)
Alfredo Martins (TV dub)

Scaly Slim (The Doom Funnel Rescue!)

Wild Bar Quasar (Git Along Little Doggies!)

Renato Rabello (VHS/DVD dub)

Jorge Rosa (TV dub)

Vacuum AliensEdit

  • Marco Ribeiro (#2, #4, Larry)
  • Guilherme Briggs (#1, #3, #5, #7, #10, #13)
  • Jomeri Pozzoli (#6, #8, #12)
  • Mauro Ramos (#11)
  • Alexandre Moreno (#9)
TV DubEdit
  • Sérgio Stern (#1, Larry, #8)
  • Marcus Jardym (#3, #4, #6)
  • Oberdan Júnior (#5, #7, #10)
  • Jorge Vasconcellos (#9, #12, #13)
  • Bruno Miguel (#2, #3, #11)

Pumpkin-Headed KidsEdit

  • Selton Mello
  • Alexandre Moreno
  • Manolo Rey
  • Ettore Zuim
  • Sheila Dorfman
TV DubEdit
  • Bruno Miguel
  • Hércules Franco
  • Miriam Ficher
  • Marcus Jardym
  • Ettore Zuim


  • Alexandre Moreno (medium voiced darts)
  • Guilherme Briggs (low voiced darts)
  • Manolo Rey (high voiced darts)
TV DubEdit
  • Marcus Jardym (medium voiced darts)
  • Ettore Zuim (high voiced darts)
  • Paulo Vignolo (low voiced darts)

How to DrawEdit

Name Voice Actor
Tom Owens Marco Ribeiro
Greg Hardin Isaac Schneider
Luis Contreras Marcus Jardym


  • Rockhopper: Estrela-Rocha
  • Galeezle: Encolhe-Mático
  • The Fabulous Comet Lounge: O Fabuloso Salão das Cometas


  • Problemas na Planeta Espera-Sua-Vez (Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn)
  • Os Trapaceiros de Bolozeiro (The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka)
  • O Incrível Carnaval das Reclamações (The Amazing Carnival of Complaining)
  • Orgulho Fugitivo de Quilowatt (Runaway Pride at Lightstation Kilowatt)
  • O Resgate do Funil Destinado! (The Doom Funnel Rescue!)
  • A Ameaça na Planeta das Mentiras! (Moon Menace on Planet Tell-a-Lie!)
  • Eu Grito, Você Grita! (I Scream, You Scream!)
  • O Monstro com Olhos Verdes (The Green-Eyed Monster)
  • As Formigas Gigantes (Lazy Daze)
  • Mais é Mais (More is More)
  • Dê e Deixe Dar (Give and Let Give)
  • As Piadas Loucas (Practical Hoax)
  • A Comédia dos Erros (Comedy of Errors)
  • Compaixão e Confusão (Compassion Crashin')
  • Wiki Tiki (Wiki Tiki)
  • Marcianos da Beleza (Invasion of the Body Swappers!)
  • Animais do Oeste (Git Along Little Doggies!)
  • Os Sábios (Wise Guys)
  • Amor Estranho (Hogs and Kisses)
  • 12 Galinhas e uma Loucura (12 Angry Hens)
  • A Planeta das Animais de Estimação (Kennel Club Blues)
  • Ah, Misericórdia! (Oh, Mercy!)
  • Promesas, Promesas (Promises, Promises)
  • A Saída à Terra (Do Unto Brothers)
  • O Acidente Espacial (Between an Asteroid and a Hard Place)
  • Nós Fomos Roubados! (In the Big House)


  • Top Music
  • Paramount
  • SBT Music


VHS/DVD dubEdit

  • Minimax (2005-2006) (aired on the Supermax block)
  • Rede Record (2005-2007) (aired alongside As Aventuras dos Pinguins and in direct competition with VeggieTales)

TV dubEdit

  • SBT (2007-2009)

Dub CreditsEdit

VHS/DVD dubEdit

  • Voice director: Guilherme Briggs
  • Translator: Marco Ribeiro


  • The first dub was only ever released via double features.
    • While the first dub did succeed in Brazil, it was somewhat less popular than its sister show, VeggieTales. This is for the same reason above. However, when satirical references were made to the show by Falha de São Paulo, and when they were made popular all over the internet, it managed to gain a lot more success than ever (especially among science fiction fans), eventually growing to where Big Idea Brasil released a soundtrack CD containing all the songs from the show.
      • For example, a report from one issue of Falha shows Otávio Frias Filho getting the rest of the Folha de São Paulo team to meet Zidgel, Midgel, Fidgel, and Kevin, wondering why they are aliens and not penguins and why they don't live in cold environments like real penguins. At one point, Zidgel shapeshifts himself to become Marcelo Garcia, his voice actor at the time the article was written.
  • Guilherme Briggs was originally considered to be completely excluded from the TV dub, but due to great reception regarding his voices, he was invited to reprise all of his roles he originally provided in the VHS/DVD dub.
    • Because Briggs originally provided the screaming for President No-I'm-The-President, his screaming was reused from the VHS/DVD dub.
    • The only exception to this are his roles as some of the vacuum aliens, which were done by Sérgio Stern, Marcus Jardym, Oberdan Júnior, and Jorge Vasconcellos. This makes Bruno Miguel the only one of the five to not voice a vacuum alien previously done by Briggs.
  • Top Music's releases of the first dub have Grandmum quoting Bible verses, while Paramount's releases have her giving an explanation on the episode's lesson. (For example, Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn has her giving an explanation on patience)
  • While these dubs were done in Rio de Janeiro, the real life dub was done in São Paulo.
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