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3-2-1 Penguins! had a German dub done in Munich at FFS Film- & Fernseh-Synchron GmbH as 3-2-1 Penguins! Die Weltraumpinguine. It was done from 2001-2004. The first 6 episodes (direct-to-video) were dubbed there.

Distribution was done by Gerth Medien for Christian bookstores from 2001-2004 and by VCL for mass markets during 2002/2003-2004.


English Name German Name German Voice Actor
Michael Rüth
Gerald Schaale
Jan Makino
Bodo Primus
Jason Conrad
Daniel Schöpe
Michelle Conrad
Gabrielle Pietermann
Grandmum Großmutti Margot Rothweiler
Ventril-O-Matic Belüft-O-Matic Andreas von der Meden
Rusty Rostig Santiago Ziesmer

Additional voices: Benedikt Weber (Larry the Vacucumber), Santiago Ziesmer, Fritz Rott, Wolf Frass, Andreas von der Meden, Frank-Otto Schenk, and Michael Pan (other vacuum aliens), Jörg Stuttmann (Cowboy Alien), Tilo Schmitz (Coliseum Announcer), Bodo Primus (Comet Lounge Announcer)

Other CharactersEdit

English Name German Name German Voice Actor
Mr. Conrad Herr Conrad Andreas Mannkopff
Mrs. Conrad Frau Conrad Miriam van Dooren
The Bandicoot King Der Bandicoot-König Benedikt Weber
The Lizard King Der Echsenkönig Rufus Beck
Uncle Blobb Onkel Blobb Ilja Richter
Katrin Fröhlich
Professor Wordsworth
Imo Heite
Scaly Slim Marc Stachel

Pumpkin-Headed KidsEdit


Audio CommentariesEdit

Name Voice Actor
Zidgel Michael Rüth
Midgel Gerald Schaale
Fidgel Jan Makino
Kevin Bodo Primus
Ron Smith

How to DrawEdit

Name Voice Actor
Tom Owens David Nathan
Greg Hardin Helmut Krauss
Luis Contreras Santiago Ziesmer


Dub CreditsEdit

  • Translation: Mike Betz
  • Direction: Eberhard Storeck


  • Super RTL (2003-2005) (shown as part of the Toggo block)
  • Bibel TV (2002-2008) (the series was taken off the air rather than having its dub switched)
  • GreenWarp (2004-present) (GreenWarp also airs the TV episodes, but they are from the 2nd dub, and this is also the only Big Idea series to retain its FFS dub on the channel)

Fun FactsEdit


  • The following actors would later go on to do roles in VeggieTales' real German dub:
    • Gerald Schaale would later go on to voice Larry.
    • Andreas von der Meden would later go on to voice Archibald.
    • Wolf Frass would later go on to voice Mr. Nezzer.
  • This series and VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular! are the only Big Idea works to retain their FFS dubs on GreenWarp after 2008.
    • However, the latter had its theme song changed to the M&E/Funkworld version in 2008.
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