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An installment in the 25 Favorite series. It contains 25 songs that are classic from 3 VeggieTales fanmade classics, David and the Lion's Den, VeggieTales:The Story of Madeline, and VeggieTales VeggieTown Values on the Job:VeggieLand Fun.


  1. VeggieTales Theme Song
  2. King Darius Suite
  3. Oh No!
  4. We've Got Some News
  5. The Water Buffalo Song (Silly Song)
  6. Hope's Song
  7. Beautiful You
  8. God is Bigger (instrumental)
  9. I'm Madeline
  10. I Known to Frightened Miss Clavel
  11. Forgive O Matic (score)
  12. Something is Not Right
  13. You Have Lost Your Dear Appendicitis
  14. Ouila My Scar
  15. Madeline Ending Credits Song
  16. Smile Song (Norm's Notes version, from Moe And The Giant Tickle)
  17. How to Draw The
  18. "Whip It"
  19. Nursey Rhymes Medley
  20. How to Draw The (DEVO)
  21. I Love My Duck (Instrumental)
  22. To The Ball (score)
  23. The Girl Who Fits The Glass Flipper (score)
  24. Israelites Congratulate (score)
  25. What We Have Learned (8 bit)
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